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A convenient story to be read by all walking by an emergency department




‘Fix this mess and the job is yours’. This is emergency medicine! And this is a very special book, for anyone interested in, or practicing, emergency medicine. Dr Noe and Francisco are terrific story- teller. Follow the conversations between Uriel, Felisa, Puch, and Seth to learn about the aspirations, fears, and challenges that emergency physicians face. This is not a book about the facts of medical care—it is a book about our underlying personal attributes, about the deeper feelings in our souls, that make us effective and empathetic emergency physicians.

The conversation about communication is especially enlightening- while we think we are being clear and direct, what we say and how we say it provides an underlying message to our patients, much more so than our actual words. Good communication gives patients a sense of calm and assurance that all will be done and will be done well.

The conversations in Chapter XII describe exchanges about ‘Spirituality in Urgencies’. Medicine is a display of the yin and yang of life and death. We cannot fight death but do our best to restore health. The brief excerpts above give just a hint to the treasures inside. You won’t find these pearls inside a procedure manual, or a textbook on the core content of emergency medicine. But read Noe’s book and you will become a better physician. 10

Felicitaciones, Noe and Francisco!!

Respectfully submitted,

Judith E. Tintinalli, MD, MS Chapel Hill, North Carolina, EE. UU. November 2016


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